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United Airlines Reservations | Flights | Official Site

United Airlines is one of the most common names and signs you will see in American airports. The company is based in Willis Tower, Chicago. It is one of the largest names in the USA – in fact, it is the third one based on the fleet size and number of available routes reservations. There are more ways to make United Airlines reservations and you can book flights both domestically and internationally. Simply put, United Airlines is everywhere.

The company flies its customers over six continents. It is worth noting that it is one of the founding members of the Star Alliance. The alliance covers 28 different airlines and it represents the largest conglomerate in the entire world. Other than that, regional flights are run by a few independent carriers, but they all operate under the brand name United Express. Now, what else do you need to know before buying United Airlines tickets?

A brief history of United Airlines Flights

The history of United Airlines starts in 1926 with Varney Air Lines. There were a few mergers and upgrades before a conglomerate of small airlines have decided to come together as United Air Lines. The official move was made in the spring of 1931. The new company grew to become one of the top players on the American market of ticket reservations.

United Airlines flights were domestic in the first place, only to grow internationally. These days, the company flies its customers on all continents. Over the past couple of decades, United Airlines merged with Continental Airlines – one division at a time. Continental Airlines practically disappeared – except for its logo.

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought in a hard time for United Airlines and whole ticket reservations market. In the summer of 2020, the company announced sending notice warnings to over 35,000 employees in order to cope with the financial losses. Over 15,000 of them are flight attendants.

Where you can fly with United Airlines Reservations

United Airlines flies to less than 100 domestic destinations. The company has eight major hubs throughout the USA, so you can easily get tickets from Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco, among others. Other than that, you can get a quick United Airlines booking to various cities and towns in California. Other states with a good United Airlines presence include Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Other states are also covered, but with less United Airlines flights.

When it comes to international United Airlines flights, you can book for Americas, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia. Some of the main countries to go to include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and the UK. There are certain countries taking United Airlines flights on more than just one airport.

It is worth noting that many of the United Express destinations have been cleared after the merging process with Continental Airlines – plenty of them in Canada, China, Germany, Japan, the UK and the USA. With all these, people can still buy United Airlines tickets to more than 110 international destinations. Given the popularity of this airline, even if you cannot find a direct flight, you can at least fly to a major international hub and make a switch there.

Making a booking or reservations over the United Airlines official site is fairly simple and will give you access to all of these destinations.

Rewards of United Flights Reservations

Unlike other American airlines, United Airlines reservations could only give you access to two different reward programs. MileagePlus is the loyalty option for United Airlines, as well as Aeromar. Such rewards do not apply to every traveler though, but to particular types of United Airlines tickets only. The program became the main option for the airline after the Continental Airlines merger. Users can benefit from special offers over the Star Alliance partners as well, not to mention other reservations agreements. Before being known as MileagePlus, it was United Mileage Plus.

Later on, the same program has also been chosen by Copa Airlines Colombia and Copa Airlines. However, Copa Airlines has announced getting rid of it in 2015, after finding a better deal with ConnectMiles.

United Club is another major reward program offered with a United Airlines booking. Again, the same program is also associated with regional affiliates. The airline operates around 50 different lounges over more countries. Most of them are located in airports throughout the USA. Those in this club have access to specific beverages, breakfast snacks, wireless Internet, power outlets, magazines and so on. In some airports, travelers also have access to showers.

Before the merging procedure with Continental Airlines, United Airlines had Red Carpet Club facilities, while Continental Airlines had Presidents Club facilities. Previous lifetime memberships were transferred to the new reservations program. However, new users can no longer purchase a lifetime membership.

Some of the main United Club facilities in the USA are located in Illinois, Texas, Nevada, California and New York. When it comes to international clubs, United Airlines booking travelers can chill in the UK, Hong Kong or Japan, among a few others.

How to book United Airlines tickets

Making United Airlines reservations is fairly simple. There are more options to purchase your United Airlines tickets. Obviously, going online is the easiest way to do it due to the multiple search possibilities. Just like for most other airlines, you can also buy tickets from offices or even the airport, but the online version is much easier.

The United Airlines official site is quite straightforward and easy to understand. There is an informative menu on top, as well as a massive search function taking most of the main page. You just cannot miss it. You can book one way trips, as well as return flights. You can also book with your miles if you are part of a reward program. Choose both destinations, as well as the dates. At the same time, you can choose the class you want too. Economy class reservations are cheapest.

You can go to a more advanced search function that also allows choosing certificates, upgrades and so on. Plus, you could see a map of all the potential United Airlines reservations, so you can make decisions based on distances and locations.

Payments are secure and there are more options to pay.

You can also book United Airlines flights through third party websites. There are many holiday or travel portals available over the Internet. They will search for flights reservations based on your destinations and traveling dates, but they will provide access to more airlines – not a suitable option if you want to redeem your miles and rewards. Sometimes, flights might be cheaper over these third party websites because they have various deals with airlines. Stick to a reputable name with good reviews if you decide to go for another website.

Finally, there are travel portals searching for flights everywhere. In other words, they can find flights from official airline websites, as well as third party traveling portals. Again, some prices could be lower, but you will get flights from multiple airlines to choose from.

Main rules

Unfortunately, not everyone goes through those long terms and conditions when booking United Airlines flights. Some of them end up with lots of unexpected surprises when they turn up to check in. While some of the stuff is irrelevant, there are a few reservations rules worth some attention.

Every United Airline booking in the economy class comes with a carry on luggage, a personal item and a carry on item. These are all free. The carry on luggage must not exceed 45 linear inches – this number covers the handles and wheels as well, so double check everything upfront. As for the personal item, it must not exceed 36 linear inches. It should fit under the seat in front of you. While reservation, keep in mind that items like assisting devices, duty free items or umbrellas do not count as personal items.

Other than that, the checked baggage comes with fees that vary based on the destination and miles. The same rule applies to overweight or oversize bags, not to mention sports equipment. For fast reservations, it is highly recommended to check the terms and conditions on the United Airlines official site before packing.

You might want to know that travelers at business and first classes will benefit from a few extras. Plus, you can often use your miles for discounts and special offers to overcome such fees.

Final words

Bottom line, this is pretty much everything you need to know before booking United Airlines tickets. The company is one of the major players on the market, especially in the USA. It provides access to lots of domestic and international flights, but it also comes with some appealing reward programs that give travelers some extra benefits.

Whether you want to book or you need some info on certain terms and conditions, the United Airlines official site represents your primary source. Reservation or booking tickets is a matter of minutes, while terms and conditions are clearly displayed under the self-help section of the website.


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