Refund Policy

The majority of the airline tickets and support fees charged for reserving the same are non-refundable following 24 hours of reservation. Tickets possibly cancelled within a day and upto 3 hours prior to the flight departure time. A cancellation charge of $50 will be appropriate for any cancellations that occur after 24 hours of making the booking, and any fees according to the carrier, equilibrium would stay as a credit which expires after a year.All cancellations pertaining to airline tickets will need to get accomplished by telephone or on the site only.
Airlines’ll only accept refund request when the under stated conditions are fulfilled:
In case you’ve put a petition for cancellation and refund together with us, so long as the fare rules permit for refunds and cancellation.
If you aren’t a”no show” “No series” identifies the circumstance where a passenger in the time of boarding the flight isn’t present in the airport and offers no information about the exact same to the airline. In most situations, a”no display” booking is ineligible for any waiver from provider in terms of refund processing.
We’re in a position to protect waivers from providers while calculating the requested cancellation and refund. But, it might not always be feasible for us to achieve that.
We aren’t able to supply some particular time period in connection with the time which may need in order to process the requested refund. Each of the refund requests undergo a strict sequential arrangement. When the petition for cancellation was placed with our client support representative, then you’ll be sent an email notification from our conclusion stating that the petition was received. But, receiving a notification doesn’t make certain you will be given a refund. The email notification is only an acknowledgment your petition was received and gives you a tracking number. On receiving your request for cancellation and refund, then we’ll get in touch with the providers such as airlines, hotels and rental car companies to create a waiver, just if it’s eligible for a refund. The conclusion of this provider will be closing and we’ll contact you concerning it.
Our support charges regarding the first booking or booking are non refundable. Kindly be advised that we’re totally determined by the providers’ choice in regards to getting the requested refunds. Please note that refunds are only possible if airline/supplier rules allow such refunds. When the requested refund was accepted by the provider, it might take approximately 60-90 days; by getting your request to getting credit in your statement. Aside from the airlines’ along with other providers’ refund-fees, Geotrips will bill a post-ticketing service fee, as and if applicable. Each of the refund fees billed are on per passenger, per ticket basis. The refund charges is only applicable when a refund was approved by the provider or a waiver was received. In case the requested refund isn’t processed by the provider, then in that case we’ll refund you the post-ticketing service charges billed by us. But this doesn’t apply to our booking charges for your first travel booking or booking.